Corporate Internship

Program Feature

Nan Fung Group was founded in 1954 and is a privately-held conglomerate headquartered in Hong Kong with over 70 years of history. Evolving from mill production, it has become a leading force in real estate and ICE (Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship). In recent years, we have strategically focused on first-tier cities in Mainland China and recognized attractive opportunities for development and investment overseas, including New York and London. Additionally, we empower individuals to drive future change, excelling in property development as well as various other business areas and talent cultivation.

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Asset Management  

[Undergraduates preferably in Business, Marketing, Asset Management, or other related disciplines]

  • Assist in trade mix planning, budget planning, and rental forecast
  • Collaborate on layout planning and tenants’ fitting-out with different departments
  • Conduct market research and update market intelligence

Information Technology

[Undergraduates preferably in Computer Science, Information System, or other related disciplines]

  • Conduct research on emerging technologies and make recommendations for improvements
  • Collaborate with IT team members on various projects and initiatives
  • Assist in troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software issues for end-users
  • Assist in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of computer systems and networks

Marketing and Communications (Commercial)

[Undergraduates preferably in Business, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Management, or other related disciplines]

  • Act as an Integrated Marketer to coordinate various marketing tactics
  • Create content for website and NF Touch app (Nan Fung customer loyalty program)
  • Execute marketing campaigns, including event management, Public Relations, and social media
  • Carry out the creative materials development
  • Conduct competitive research and analyse market trends


[Undergraduates preferably in Building Surveying, Architectural Studies, Building Engineering, Urban Studies, Urban Design, or other related disciplines]

  • Assist in managing office and retail tenancy fit-out design and construction
  • Assist in house redevelopment material sourcing and review on furniture layout options
  • Conduct feasibility studies to research new development potential
  • Assist project management in coordinating with consultants, contractors, and government officials

Property Development

[Undergraduates preferably in Surveying (General Practice), Business, Economics, Finance, or other related disciplines]

  • Conduct market research and financial analysis for projects
  • Research new business ideas and implement new technologies into our properties
  • Monitor news, research reports, and government cases for market updates
  • Assist in creating management presentations and pitchbooks on market updates and investment opportunities


[Undergraduates preferably in Surveying (General Practice), Marketing, Business, or other related disciplines]

  • Conduct market research to identify trends, competitive analysis, and potential opportunities in the real estate market
  • Support the team in preparing sales materials, presentations, and contracts
  • Conduct presentation to Management on analytical findings
  • Observe and learn from experienced sales professionals within the department
  • Collaborate with colleagues to complete business tasks

Sustainability & Shared Value (SEWIT)

[Undergraduates preferably in Social Science, Environmental Science, Data Science, Psychology, Economics, or other related disciplines]

  • Support the planning and coordination of tenant engagement programs
  • Assist in data collection, analysis, and copywriting for the SEWIT report
  • Conduct research on various ESG topics to drive sustainability and support studies on nature-related risk and opportunity
  • Identify market trends and provide insights to foster social innovation
  • Assist in organizing community engagement projects and quantify social value using impact measurement frameworks (e.g. Social Return on Investment)
  • Facilitate Net Zero and TCFD-aligned climate efforts across business streams

Training & Organizational Development

[Undergraduates preferably in Business, Human Resources, Psychology, or other related disciplines]

  • Collaborate in exciting company-wide staff engagement activities and initiatives
  • Facilitate effective and innovative internal staff communication, such as email communication, knowledge sharing platform maintenance, and poster design
  • Assist in organizing staff training logistics and preparing training materials
  • Prepare statistical analysis and insightful reports to management as required